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SDAV Publications


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Emerging scientific HPC applications running on extreme-scale supercomputers are facing severe I/O challenges. Traditional post-processing workflows involving writing data to shared storage and reading the data back later for analysis are too expensive to support fine-grained or real-time analysis. Thus data staging service is becoming one promising solution, which can avoid the unexpected read and write over remote storage with heavy contention by staging the output data in memory and supporting of coupled application workflow. In this paper, we develop a TCP version of communication substrate for the data staging framework DataSpaces, which allows DataSpaces service to work easily and efficiently on most of today's underlying interconnect networks, even in more generic scenarios, such as cloud and WAN. The details of our system design and implementation are presented along with performance tuning efforts on high-end supercomputers including TianHe-1A. Performance evaluation over two operational supercomputers shows that TCP-based data staging can get acceptable performance and can work well in different network environments.

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